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I’m a portfolio manager

Whether a portfolio manager, PMO manager or program leader, the challenges of managing the demand complexities against resource constraints is a daily challenge.   Sharp Elephant provides dynamic resourcing models to support your change initiatives.   We strive to provide an integrated solution to effective architecture, control and governance and can address key issues, such as:

I need to ensure clarity of scope for the transformation

Many technology programs are initiated with a scope little more specific than a need to replace a basket of ageing systems, leaving transformation and delivery executives struggling to establish clear direction. In our world the requirements for transformation are revealed through architecture initiatives, establishing clarity of business need, supporting technology capability and detailing project delivery and priority.

I need to control the program and inform the business of the release agenda

Major transformation initiatives generally incorporate a number of major releases, which invariably cause complexity of coordination across multiple delivery paths. There is also a constant challenge to communicate with business stakeholders the functionality and capabilities they will receive at each release. Sharp Elephant’s transformation blueprint management and roadmapping techniques provide clear linkage across work packages and the business capabilities being provisioned at each drop.

I need the right program support at the right time

The success of major programs is dependent on the best program and project management working hand in hand with the best program architecture and delivery resource, yet the headcount and skill profiles require change over time. Sharp Elephant works with Clients to balance the requirement for skilled resources against the demands and constraints of their business case.

I need to reduce risk in the selection of my integration vendor

Without absolute clarity of scope, requirements and integration complexity vendors responding to your integration RFP must load prices to accommodate unknowns. Furthermore vendors will structure contracts to ensure inevitable surprises are addressed at their client’s expense. Sharp Elephant manages this risk by injecting robust architecture definition into the RFP, allowing the integrators to price aggressively and structure projects to deliver to an exact need.

I need strong governance of what gets delivered throughout the program

Many corporations effectively lose architectural control of their transformation programs from the moment that integrators are engaged, resulting in architectural decisions with long term cost and flexibility impacts and vendor lock-in. Sharp Elephant’s transformation blueprint management approach ensures our Clients retain architectural control and governance and maintain an accurate blueprint of solutions at all points through the delivery lifecycle.

I need a strategy to support this year’s planning cycle

The challenge for technology executives is to deliver an IT strategy that resonates with business stakeholders, one that business heads will support because they understand how their success is dependent upon the strategy. Sharp Elephant’s Business and Technology Framework will reveal the strategies and roadmaps necessary to achieve your goals; demonstrating linkages to existing business capabilities and the business motivation for change together with the technology capabilities required to achieve the business outcomes.

I need a reliable partner to deliver a package of work on an outcomes basis

Many corporations are moving to contracting delivery on an outcomes basis. Sharp Elephant prefers to work on an outcomes basis, allowing customers to fix their delivery costs and share the risk of delivery more effectively.