Sharp Elephant is a leading IT service provider. Our proactive approach, advanced methods, innovative delivery capability and the quality of our people combine to deliver real value for our clients.

I’m a delivery manager

Time is money and risk of delay or lack of direction for major programs is expensive.   Sharp Elephant understands these challenges and can engage to support or lead your delivery program, increasing your success through bringing effective architecture, control and governance to address key issues, such as:

I need to ensure clarity of scope for the transformation

Many technology programs are initiated with a scope little more specific than a need to replace a basket of ageing systems or a need to deliver change to a part of the business. This can leave transformation and delivery executives struggling to establish clear direction and an uncertain way forward. Sharp Elephant will work with you to clarify your scope for transformation through formalizing your transformation vision, clarifying your business requirements, modeling your technology capability and detailing the scope and priorities for transformation. Our process prepares you to go on and develop justifications for the various change initiatives within your scope of transformation.

I need a trusted consultant who can support me in developing my investment cases

Once a vision is structured into a scope of transformation, the challenge is then to develop the various cases for change through formal business casing processes. Developing solid cases that fully represent the Total Cost of Change can be challenging and often an independent perspective can add value and remove a significant level of risk from the final case. Sharp Elephant can bring a savvy team of business and technology expertise to the casing activity to ensure the comprehensive integrity of your development process. Our models and tool sets deliver proven benefits to customers through reducing the cost, risk and time during implementation.

I need technical support in managing the diverse stakeholders

Major transformation initiatives generally incorporate a number of aspects of change, which invariably causes complexity of coordination across multiple delivery paths. There is also a constant challenge to communicate with business stakeholders the functionality and capabilities they will receive at each release. Sharp Elephant can provide in-flight support to a delivery program through providing stakeholder support, technical clarification, transformation blueprint management and road-mapping that assist delivery managers to keep a clear linkage across work packages and the business capability being deployed.

I need the right program or project talent at the right time

The success of major programs is dependent on the best program and project management working hand in hand with the best program architecture resource, yet the architecture headcount and skill profiles required change over time due to the needs of the business. Sharp Elephant can provide dedicated resources or a flexible team of architecture or delivery resources focused on providing the very best skillsets for your needs.

I need to reduce risk in the selection of my vendor/s

Without absolute clarity of vision, scope, requirements and integration complexity; vendors responding to your RFP must load prices to accommodate unknowns. Furthermore vendors will structure contracts to ensure inevitable surprises are addressed at their client’s expense. Sharp Elephant can help you manage or reduce this risk by injecting robust architecture and requirements definition into your RFP, enabling your vendors to price aggressively and structure projects to deliver to your exact need.

I need a reliable partner to deliver a package of work on an outcomes basis

Many corporations are moving to contracting delivery on an outcomes basis. Sharp Elephant prefers to work on an outcomes basis, allowing customers to fix their delivery costs and share the risk of delivery more effectively.