Sharp Elephant is a leading IT service provider. Our proactive approach, advanced methods, innovative delivery capability and the quality of our people combine to deliver real value for our clients.

I’m an architecture manager

As a chief architect, architecture manager, solution manager or team leader, it’s a real challenge to keep up with the business, build an architecture capability and formalise your position within the IT operating model.   Sharp Elephant  addresses needs such as these:

I need to define my architecture operating model

Establishing clarity across the leadership team in relation to strategy, including the business operating model and how it functions, remains a major challenge for CEOs and business executives. Sharp Elephant can assist you to build the artifacts of strategy and justification based on your business requirements, drives and needs. Our best-practice methods bring international learns and leading edge thinking to these activities. Let us help you then bring your team together through establishing a common perspective on the critical business capabilities that are needed with respect to the vision of your business.

I need to plan and optimize our Information Technology investment

One size does not fit all when it comes to architecture, investment planning or portfolio management. The right approach needs to be calibrated to the unique needs of each organisation. Sharp Elephant can assist organisations to develop Information technology investment portfolios that take into account factors such as organisational readiness, maturity, team culture, strategic portfolio priorities, and budgets.

I need to develop my team

Architects, delivery teams and project resources require a spectrum of skills from left-brain analytics to right-brain intuition. They need to be able to consult, empathise, synthesize, recommend, influence and navigate political environments. Sharp Elephant is uniquely positioned to support managers to target key skill areas and build high-performance teams.

I need to build my architecture team capability

There can be a fine line between effectiveness and failure when it comes to developing an architecture practice. Capabilities and personalities need to be carefully targeted to the specific needs of each environment. Sharp Elephant can bring a range of options to guarantee the right outcome.

I need proven approaches to tackling our strategic questions

Whether the topic is cloud, security, customer experience, mobility, big data or other new trends, you must be on your game when business is looking for the answers. No matter what the trend, the chances are that Sharp Elephant has addressed the challenge and packaged a proven method to assist our Clients to tackle the same issues.

I need the right architecture talent at the right time

The success of major programs is dependent on the best program and project management working hand in hand with the best architectural resources, yet the architecture headcount and skill profiles required change over time. Sharp Elephant can provide a total solution for Clients, providing a flexible team of program architecture resources, supported with our methods and IP, keeping talent and costs in sync with changing program needs.