Sharp Elephant is a leading IT service provider. Our proactive approach, advanced methods, innovative delivery capability and the quality of our people combine to deliver real value for our clients.

Technology Manager

Whether it’s ensuring strategic cohesion within the business or supporting the fundamentals of IT governance, at Sharp Elephant we bring the know-how to use best-practice enterprise architecture, business planning and supporting decision frameworks to address your needs, such as:

I need to understand the health of my asset portfolio

Whether you are a newly appointed executive or have inherited a portfolio through M&A activity, the challenge of understanding the business you are in and how the portfolio of assets is supporting the business is critical. Sharp Elephant has proven methods for rapidly documenting the business model, enterprise architecture and how the portfolio of assets supports the business. This blueprint becomes a basis for all forward planning.

I need to understand how to support our customer experience strategy

Today customer experience is a dominant theme in many enterprise strategies, yet translating the customer scenarios and stories into actionable programs is difficult. Sharp Elephant has proven techniques for mapping the customer experience story across the enterprise value chain, identifying related business functions, determining the IT capabilities that support customer outcomes and the capability investment agenda required to support the customer experience objectives. We work with you to support the alignment process and clarify your understanding of the way forward.

I need a strategy to support this year’s planning cycle

The challenge for technology executives is to deliver an IT strategy that resonates with business stakeholders, one that business heads will support because they understand how their success is dependent upon the strategy. Sharp Elephant’s Business and Technology Framework will reveal the strategies and roadmaps necessary to achieve your goals; demonstrating linkages to existing business capabilities and the business motivation for change together with the technology capabilities required to achieve the business outcomes.

I need a strategy to respond to the growing demand for new services

Be it business stakeholders seeking instant gratification or vendors offering silver bullets, IT leaders can be viewed as an obstruction to advancement unless they can proactively respond to the needs of the business. At Sharp Elephant we address this challenge by providing outcomes based services on demand to support you in an agile response. Our experience has demonstrated that a quick response to an emerging business requirement can often say your business significant effort in the longer term.

I need to manage my application portfolio

Large application portfolios present challenges to the IT executive in terms of understanding the lifecycle trajectory and managing an acceptable investment profile for each asset. EA (?) brings efficient methods for determining the strategic lifecycle for the application portfolio by linking applications to capabilities and strategy, understanding each asset’s potential to support the strategic business goals, assess the technology currency and application risks and establish guidelines for ongoing investment and maintenance over time.

I need to develop an effective strategy and Enterprise Architecture capability

Irrespective of how the capability may be sourced, every corporation needs the ability to deliver the right strategy and architecture services in a manner timely enough to inform critical decisions and support planning and governance. Sharp Elephant has assisted many organisations in establishing the right architecture capability, designing and implementing high performance practices, providing managed teams, recruitment of contract and permanent staff, and delivering innovative architecture training services. We bring key insights, capabilities and tactics to ensure your practice succeeds.

I need a reliable partner to deliver a package of work on an outcomes basis

Many corporations are moving to contracting delivery on an outcomes basis. Sharp Elephant prefers to work on an outcomes basis, allowing customers to fix their delivery costs and share the risk of delivery more effectively.